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The Cat Lady, Rebbah Rodrigues, cares for your cat daily in the comfort of your own home while you are on vacation or away from the house all day.  The Cat Lady is a professional cat care service in Kamloops, British Columbia.  The Cat Lady will visit your cat(s) for a minimum 20 minutes each day to ensure the safety and care of your beloved feline.

Each visit is as unique as your cat.  We do more than just change litter boxes.  Although, commode service is an important function of our service we excel in the customer service by delivering safe and loving care for your cat.

Why The Cat Lady?

Rebbah loves cats

No Stress – No boarding or transportation trauma to upset your pussycat

Make your home looked lived in while you are away

Ensures insurance conditions are met in your absence

Reliable and responsible

The Cat Lady provides your cat(s) with:

  • Love and attention
  • Food and water
  • Medication if required* (additional fee)
  • Commode cleaning
  • Overseeing well-being and veterinarian treatment should your cat become sick while you are away

The Cat Lady provides you with:

  • Peace of mind
  • Reports of your cat’s welfare while you are away and upon your return

Other duties included in each visit:

  • Bring in newspapers or mail
  • Turn on and off lights or music
  • Make home look lived in (move drapes and be seen coming and going

Call or email The Cat Lady, Rebbah Rodrigues for more information or to book a free consultation today

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Open for business!

These last few months have been interesting, to say the least! Due to this pandemic many people have lost their jobs and small business have been impacted, including mine.  My trip to Brazil was also cut short but I am glad to be back home. I was initially heartbroken when I arrived home as my 2 cats spent more of their time with my roommate than me! Fickle creatures! On the upside staying isolated hasn’t been an  issue as I am pretty much a homebody anyway, but I sure do miss seeing all the kitty clients!!
I have been busy completing courses including Feline First Aid and Pet Sitter’s International’s (PSI) COVID 19 Certification for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers.  I am also currently studying  PSI’s Health, Sanitation and Safety for Professional Pet Sitters.

The BC government recently eased up on restrictions for small businesses and  I am happy to say that The Cat Lady is now open for business!  I understand that most people are sticking close to home and may not need cat care, but if you do, I am available. Proper safety procedures are being followed as advised by the Government of Canada and my professional association, Pet Sitter’s International (PSI). To keep you, your pets and myself safe I will be taking the following precautions:

  • Conducting visits only if no one is home
  • Informing clients ahead of time if I am experiencing any flu-like symptoms so other arrangements can be made if so desired.  Clients should have a backup plan in place.
  • Practicing social distancing by remaining 6 feet apart from others whenever possible in public
  • Avoiding touching my face
  • Limiting face -to -face contact with clients whenever possible and will communicate via phone or email or by virtual means
  • Wearing clean scrubs over my clothes for each separate job
  • Wearing a face mask unless the cat seems fearful
  • Washing my hands when entering and exiting your home
  • Asking clients to leave out hand sanitizer, hand washing soap, disinfectant wipes or spray (Lysol, Clorox or diluted bleach) and paper towel.
  • Wiping down all the surfaces I touch during the visit including litter scoop handles
  • Bringing my own hand sanitizer and wipes with me as back up
  • Disinfecting my car and everything I touch in it every time I enter/exit the vehicle
  • Advising clients to have an Emergency Guardianship  Form filled out and signed in case they fall ill.  If you need a copy please let me know

All the best and hope to see your fur babies soon!


Veterinary Approval

Kamloops vet Clinic sign 2 (Medium)

Rebbah Rodrigues has been a client of Kamloops Veterinary Clinic since 2011.  I have gotten to know Rebbah and her two cats on a personal level this past year.  Rebbah is a trustworthy, caring person and takes excellent care of her animals.  She is skilled at giving oral medications, injections, and subcutaneous fluids.  As well, she genuinely likes to spend time with animals and is concerned about their well being.

I would highly recommend Rebbah as a caregiver for any pet.

Paula Davies, DVM, ABVP

A True Cat Lady

PowderRebbah checked in on our 2 scaredy-cats twice a day while we were out of town. When she came for her preliminary visit she was a true cat lady. She didn’t force herself on the scaredy-cats but rather let them check her out. She was very willing to follow the obscure instructions for spoiled cats and took notes about their likes and dislikes. I loved knowing that they were in the care of someone responsible and knowledgeable. Upon arriving home, I noticed that the cats weren’t at all upset at our absence. Great! It feels good knowing that we can go away without issue and that The Cat Lady is just a call away 🙂

– Lana Langevin

Professional & Knowledgeable Care

Kayla in sinkRebbah took care of our cat, Kayla for 3½ weeks while we were on vacation in Mexico.  Kayla requires medication to deal with hyper-thyroidism.  Rebbah came to our home three times a week to administer medication, give Kayla fresh food and water, clean out and replace the kitty litter, and play with Kayla and give her cuddles. She also co-ordinated Kayla’s care for the intervening days with two neighbours.

We found Rebbah very professional and knowledgeable, while being warm and kind-hearted.  She picked up very quickly what had to be done, and even made some suggestions to ensure Kayla’s well-being and happiness.

Rebbah also kept us informed on a regular basis, and even sent us pictures of Kayla. We were very pleased with Rebbah’s work and felt confident that Kayla was being content and well cared for.

We are planning another vacation in Mexico next year, and have already booked Rebbah to take care of Kayla while we are away.

– Ron Bell & Linda Love

Cat Lover At Heart

SpiritWe feel very fortunate to have found Rebbah to look after Spirit. Spirit agrees too! Rebbah is very professional, caring and a true cat lover at heart. We know when we go away that Spirit is well taken care of, and Rebbah is great at giving meds, it is not easy trying to give a cat pills! I knew we found a great sitter when one of the questions Rebbah asked was if Spirit has hiding places so she would know if she had to look for her and that says a lot. Not just a walk in the door, clean the litter top up food and water bowl and run back out, without even seeing kitty. Nope Rebbah is conscientious and spends time with the cats she is caring for. Spirit is looking forward to seeing you again soon.

–  Andy & Marilyn Raniseth