Rely on the professional pet-care services of
The Cat Lady

when work or travel keep you from your cat


  • Downtown
  • Sahali
  • North Shore
  • Dufferin
  •  Aberdeen
  • Bachelor Heights
  • Valleyview

** within a 10km radius from 9th and Columbia.  Distances beyond this range will be charged an extra mileage fee.

Current Rates as of July 01, 2021

Twice daily rate will be $40 per day  as of January 01, 2019

1  – 20-30 minute visit/day :  1-2 cats $25
additional cats + $5
2 –  15-20 minute visits/day*: 1-2 cats   $45
additional cats + $5
Administration of medication: ear gel, pills, injections etc.
mixed into food, ear gel $1
By mouth or injections $3
Subcutaneous fluid etc. $5

Extra $10 charge for holidays
(Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday)

Repeat clients receive 10% when booking minimum 7 days.

*Discount does not apply to twice daily visits as that rate is already reduced

**Rates subject to change without notice