Professional & Knowledgeable Care

Kayla in sinkRebbah took care of our cat, Kayla for 3½ weeks while we were on vacation in Mexico.  Kayla requires medication to deal with hyper-thyroidism.  Rebbah came to our home three times a week to administer medication, give Kayla fresh food and water, clean out and replace the kitty litter, and play with Kayla and give her cuddles. She also co-ordinated Kayla’s care for the intervening days with two neighbours.

We found Rebbah very professional and knowledgeable, while being warm and kind-hearted.  She picked up very quickly what had to be done, and even made some suggestions to ensure Kayla’s well-being and happiness.

Rebbah also kept us informed on a regular basis, and even sent us pictures of Kayla. We were very pleased with Rebbah’s work and felt confident that Kayla was being content and well cared for.

We are planning another vacation in Mexico next year, and have already booked Rebbah to take care of Kayla while we are away.

– Ron Bell & Linda Love

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