Cat Lover At Heart

SpiritWe feel very fortunate to have found Rebbah to look after Spirit. Spirit agrees too! Rebbah is very professional, caring and a true cat lover at heart. We know when we go away that Spirit is well taken care of, and Rebbah is great at giving meds, it is not easy trying to give a cat pills! I knew we found a great sitter when one of the questions Rebbah asked was if Spirit has hiding places so she would know if she had to look for her and that says a lot. Not just a walk in the door, clean the litter top up food and water bowl and run back out, without even seeing kitty. Nope Rebbah is conscientious and spends time with the cats she is caring for. Spirit is looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Р Andy & Marilyn Raniseth

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